What's New

01/2013 AET is awarded projects to develop mixed metal joining technologies.

02/2011 AET added capability to fatigue test composite materials in thermal chamber.

04/2010 AET installed a MTS system for light-weight material and battery tab joints fatigue testing. With this addition AET can now conduct fatigue testing with loading requirement from under 10 lbs to 110,000 lbs.

11/2008 AET successfully diversified its customer base by signning up Caterpillar, Schlumberger, and General Dynamics as new customers..

1 Application focused Research and Development
2 Customer-centric Consulting
3 Testing & Welding Prototype
   Current Capabilities
  1. Improve Fatigue/Durability Performance Throughout the Product Lifecycle

2. Testing Lab Services (Welding, Metallurgical, Mechanical). Welding Related Failure Analysis

3. Develop Production-friendly Welding Practices for New Materials and New Processes

  4. Design of Experiments, Statistical Analysis, Finite Element Analysis

5. Welding Knowledge Management Software Development

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