Materials Qualification

AET provides qualification services for material approval using the following standards and specifications.

OEM Qualifications

  • GM:  steel RSW and steel SWE tests
  • BMW/Mercedes/Volkswagon: steel RSW, steel laser, steel MIG-brazing,  and steel GMAW tests
  • Honda: steel RSW test
  • Nissan: steel RSW, steel arc weld, and steel plane bending tests
  • Ford: steel RSW test
  • Chrysler: aluminum RSW test

Corrosion Specs

  • Cyclic Tests
    • SAE J2334
    • ASTM G85-A5
    • GM 9540P
  • Static Tests
    • Salt Fog (Related Specification: ASTM B117)
    • Humidity Fog (Related Specifications: ASTM D-1735, GM 4465)