AET’s longstanding commitment to developing new technology and innovative engineering solutions has been recognized by OEMs and Consortiums. As a result, AET has received several prestigious awards, including the USCAR Research Partner Award, the Chrysler Technology Innovation Award, and the Ford Award.

USCAR 2014 Research Partner Award.


AET’s contribution to the “Magnesium Front-End R&D project“ earned the 2014 USCAR Research Partner Award for collaborative innovation with USCAR OEM participants. The project pushed for innovative structural joints between steel and magnesium that were fast-tracked through conception, testing, and performance evaluation in the span of one year.This new joining technology had never been considered before AET boldly executed a development plan to successfully produce demonstration structures.

Chrysler Technology Innovation Award


AET’s contribution to a project on Spot-Weld analysis won the 2013 Chrysler Technology Innovation Award. In conjunction with Chrysler, AET outlined, tested, and delivered high quality results on time and within a reasonable cost. Chosen by Chrysler due to our “excellent reputation”, AET provided the support necessary for Chrysler to achieve its engineering goals. 

Henry Ford Technology Award


In 2007, AET supported Ford's successful project of enhancing roof strength for Super Duty Trucks. As a result of our high quality results and customer satisfaction, we earned the 2007 Henry Ford Technology Award.